Check Challenge Appeal

As part of the new business rates system, the Government has introduced a three stage system known as 'Check Challenge Appeal’

*information taken from VOA website*

​The system is intended to manage cases in a structured and staged way. Each step must be completed before you can submit an Appeal to tribunal.



The Check stage, confirming the specifics of the property that the VOA have used in reaching their valuation. Any amended information would need to be submitted.

This stage requires the Valuation Office and the agent validate information, such as floor area.

The Challenge stage cannot begin until the Check has been completed –it is hoped that the majority of these proposals can be finalised within 3 months.



The Challenge stage must be started within 4 months of the result of the Check stage. Up to 18 months is allowed to complete the Challenge.

The agent must prepare a case detailing why the valuation provided by the VOA is incorrect. A much more in-depth process than before April 2017. It must include relevant information in regards to the grounds, reasons and detailed evidence to support the alternative valuation submitted in the Challenge.



Once the decision from the Challenge has been received, the agent will have a further 4 months to lodge an Appeal, this is likely to incur a refundable charge to the ratepayer, directly from the VOA. Most cases should be dealt with during the Check and Challenge stages.


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